PathwayBooster is an open-source software tool to support the comparison and curation of metabolic models. It combines gene annotations from GenBank files and other sources with information retrieved from the metabolic databases BRENDA and KEGG to produce a set of pathway diagrams and reports summarising the evidence for the presence of a reaction in a given organism’s metabolic network. By comparing multiple sources of evidence within a common framework, PathwayBooster assists the curator in the identification of likely false positive (misannotated enzyme) and false negative (pathway hole) reactions. Reaction evidence may be taken from alternative annotations of the same genome and/or a set of closely related organisms.

PathwayBooster runs on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows systems.
PathwayBoosterGUI runs only on Windows.
It generates reports as a set of web pages that can be viewed in any browser.

This software is provided under the GPLv3 license.

PathwayBooster manual