Thalia Chan

I am a PhD student, funded by the BBSRC. My primary focus is the inference of gene regulatory networks from single cell data, using information theoretical approaches.



I gained an MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology from Imperial College (with distinction) in 2015. Prior to this I completed the first three years of an MBBS in medicine at King’s College London, my current research being intercalated into this degree. I hold a BA in Music from the University of Cambridge, which I completed in 2007.

My interests outside of research include teaching maths and contributing to open source software projects.



Gene regulatory network inference from single-cell data using multivariate information measures
Chan TE, Stumpf MPH, Babtie AC
Cell Systems (2017).

Stem Cell Differentiation as a Non-Markov Stochastic Process
Stumpf PS, Smith RCG, Lenz M, Schuppert A, Müller FJ, Babtie AC, Chan TE, Stumpf MPH, Please CP, Howison SD, Arai F, MacArthur BD
Cell Systems (2017).

Learning regulatory models for cell development from single-cell transcriptomic data
Babtie AC, Chan TE, Stumpf MPH
Current Opinion in Systems Biology (2017).


Conferences and workshops

Improving biological network inference with Julia (2017)
University of California, Berkeley

Network inference using multivariate information measures (2017)
MASAMB (Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology)
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna

Network inference from single cell data using mutivariate information (2016)
Crick Computational and Physical Biology Interest Group workshop
The Francis Crick Institute, London