Rowan Brackston

kep3I am a post-doc working under Professor Michael Stumpf on network inference and modelling.

I received a MEng (distinction) in Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering from the University of Cambridge in 2013, specialising in fluid mechanics and feedback control. I then worked towards my PhD in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College, developing stochastic models and feedback control methods for the flow over automotive vehicles. I joined the theoretical systems biology group as a post-doctoral researcher in May 2017.





Extremum seeking to control the amplitude and frequency of a pulsed jet for bluff body drag reduction
RD Brackston, A Wynn, JF Morrison
Experiments in Fluids (2016) 57 (10), 159

Stochastic modelling and feedback control of bistability in a turbulent bluff body wake
RD Brackston, JM Garcia de la Cruz, A Wynn, G Rigas, JF Morrison
Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2016) 802, 726-749

Diffusive dynamics and stochastic models of turbulent axisymmetric wakes
G Rigas, AS Morgans, RD Brackston, JF Morrison
Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2015) 778, R2