John Pinney

I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow and a principal investigator in the Theoretical Systems Biology Group. My research focuses on computational systems biology, drawing together information from macromolecular sequences, protein structures, biological networks and other experimental data to study the evolution and function of biological systems.

I am interested in network analysis from a bioinformatic perspective, including the reconstruction and evolutionary modelling of metabolic, protein-protein interaction and gene regulatory networks. The application of these methods to study the various networks of interactions between host and pathogen has great potential for the discovery of new therapeutic targets in diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

The analysis of large and complex data sets can produce results that are not easily summarised by conventional means. I am therefore also interested in the development of new information visualization strategies for various types of biological data.

Research in my group is funded by the Royal Society, the BBSRC, HFSP and Ciência sem Fronteiras.


Book Chapters

Host-Pathogen Systems Biology

Pinney JW
Handbook of Statistical Systems Biology (2011) Michael Stumpf, David J. Balding, Mark Girolami (eds)