Delphine Rolando

I am a BBSRC funded PhD student; co-sponsored by Sciteb, an ‘innovative international strategy and search firm’ working on systemic financial regulation. My work is co-supervised by Professor Michael Stumpf from Imperial College and Nicholas Beale from Sciteb. I first studied in France where I obtained an engineering diploma from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy; after a Classe Préparatoire in the Lycée du Parc in Lyon. I then started studying in England where I received a distinction in the MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology at Imperial College.

My work is focussed on the robustness of networks, which has applications in diverse domains, including molecular biology, ecology, and finance. Gaining a better understanding of the conditions required for a robust network, could have major implications for the treatment of diseases such as type 2 diabetes or cancer. It could also help prevent crashes of the financial system.