Anderson Brito

I started my PhD study at Imperial in October 2014, under the supervision of Dr. John Pinney, and co-supervised by Professor Michael Stumpf. I obtained a BSc degree in Biological Sciences from University of Brasília (2010), and a MSc degree in Microbiology from University of São Paulo (2013). My major research interests focus on Viral Molecular Evolution, from genomic to systems biology scales.
By invading host cells, viruses take advantage of the cellular molecular machinery to replicate themselves and generate new viral particles. The long-term goal of my PhD research is to broaden the understanding of the evolution of virus-host molecular interactions, by means of computational and systems biology approaches. swb-capes

I am funded by Science without Borders, a scholarship programme managed by the Brazilian federal government (CAPES, Ministry of Education).

Besides my PhD studies, I’m also involved in non-research activities. Currently I’m a Project Director at the Brazilian Association of Postgraduate Students and Researchers in the United Kingdom (ABEP-UK), and at Imperial I’m the Vice-President (2016/17 term) of the Latin American Society (Lat-Imperial).