The Theoretical Systems Biology group undertakes a number of different outreach projects and some of our recent activities are described here. If you have specific questions about the lab relating to outreach or public engagement, or would be interested in discussing a visit, do feel free to contact us.

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What is is like to be a scientist? Hear from some lab members below

Design your own microbe? We created a short game for the Summer Science Exhibition 2013. Have a go by playing now.


Recent Activity:

9 February 2017
Anderson Brito took part on an outreach activity at St Joseph College Beulah Hill (Upper Norwood, South East London). The event was coordinated by the non-profit organization Native Scientist, and was aimed at Portuguese and Brazilian pupils aged 6-10. They were taught in Portuguese about general aspects of Viruses, from morphology to viral diseases and their symptoms.

18 December 2015
Ravneet led a practical workshop on PCR and Electrophoresis for A2 level students of Harris Academy at Imperial College London.

14 November 2015
Nick ran a Royal Institution Masterclass to teach year 9 students about modelling epidemics (one of several he runs each year).

3-4 November 2015
Ravneet led AS-level Biology workshops on experimental methods (gel electrophoresis and thin layer chromatography) used to separate biological substances at the Reach Out Lab, Imperial College, for students from the Harris Academy.

17 August 2015
Nick ran a Royal Institution Summer School workshop to teach 16-18 year-olds how to develop and use computational models to predict the spread of infectious diseases.

11 May 2015
Adam volunteered in the Reach Out Lab at the annual Imperial Festival. He helped children experiment on berries and discover genetics at the ‘Strawberry DNA’ table.

23 March 2015
Ravneet delivered a science workshop for children in years 4-6 at Marlborough Primary School (Chelsea, London).

23 January 2015
Juliane talked about her research on immune cell migration to students, their parents and teachers at a school science evening (at Flaeming Gymnasium Belzig, Germany).

7 August 2014
Delphine and Ann presentation during the STEM pathways summer school conference

Since March 2014
Involvement of Eszter, Ann, Quentin, Saulius and Delphine in the Reaching Further program with Imperial College and Excitec.

October 2013
Paul school visit – Wimbledon College

October 2013
John school visit – North London Collegiate School

July 2013
Clever Microbes at the Summer Science Exhibition 2013
In July, we took part in the Royal Society’s annual exhibition of cutting edge research from all over the UK. We exhibited games, visualisations, animations and played with 3D printed protein structures, with the goal of explaining to our audience how bacteria (or indeed any cells) make decisions.

You can find out lots more from our blog, like what is a genotype? or what do mean by a model? (it’s not Kate Moss).

May 2013
Imperial Festival