Posters for MASAMB 2013

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List of posters

Narayan Jayaram and Andrew Martin

A Computational Tool For Identification Of Deleterious SNVs In Transcription Factor Binding Sites

Ann Babtie, Dominic Smith, Phoebe Jones, Angelique Ale, Paul Kirk, Sarah Filippi, Aaron Sim and Michael Stumpf

A moment expansion approach for stochastic simulation and inference

Paul Kirk, Alexandra Lewin and Michael Stumpf

Balancing robustness and predictive performance in biomarker selection

Konstantinos Angelis, Mario Dos Reis and Ziheng Yang

Bayesian estimation of the non-synonymous/synonymous rate ratio and sequence distance between two protein coding sequences

Marco Scutari

Bayesian Networks for Gene Networks Discovery: Parallel and Optimized Learning

Virginia Fairclough and John Pinney

BROOMM: an application to aid curation of biomass reactions within metabolic models

Luca Salerno, Carlo Cosentino, Alessio Merola, Declan Bates and Francesco Amato

Control-Theoretic Analysis of Bistability in the GAL Regulatory System

Borislav Vangelov and Mauricio Barahona

Data-driven Construction of Transcriptomic Landscapes

Justina Žurauskienė, Paul Kirk, Thomas Thorne, John Pinney and Michael Stumpf

Derivative Processes for Modelling Metabolic Fluxes

Anna Ramisch and Martin Vingron

Does Compressed Sensing help in disease classification?

Michael Epstein, Lucia Sivilotti, Ben Calderhead and Mark Girolami

Examining Bayesian Methods in Ion Channel Modelling

Elizabeth Boggis, Marta Milo and Kevin Walters

Exploiting Adaptive Bayesian Regression Shrinkage to identify Exome Sequence Variants associated with Gene Expression

Christopher Penfold and David Wild

Hierarchical Modelling for Leveraging Network Structure Between Species

Christophe Dessimoz

Hierarchical Orthologous Groups: mathematical foundations and efficient inference

Richard Savage

How to predict if your cancer patient will die

Alessandro Mammana and Ho-Ryun Chung

Inference of the average fragment length in ChIP-seq data

Waqar Ali and John Pinney

Inferring systematic experimental bias in protein interaction datasets.

Andrew Rimmer, Hang Phan and Gerton Lunter

Integrated Variant Calling, and HLA-typing with Platypus

Joe Wandy, Rónán Daly, Rainer Breitling and Simon Rogers

Investigating the use of derivative peaks in the alignment of LC-MS data.

Antti Honkela, Jaakko Peltonen, Ciira Maina, Hande Topa, Neil Lawrence and Magnus Rattray

Joint probabilistic modelling of transcription and gene expression

Anne-Marie Lyne and Mark Girolami

MCMC for posterior inference over Exponential Random Graph models

Agnes Jonas, Hande Topa, Liang Leng, Antti Honkela and Carolin Kosiol

Modelling Allele Frequency Trajectories of Experimental Evolution with Fruit Flies

Vinny Davies, Dirk Husmeier, Richard Reeve and William Harvey

Modelling antigenic variability in the foot-and-mouth disease virus using the LASSO

Vasileios Giagos, Martin Ridout, Byron Morgan, Naeimi Wesley, Tobias von der Haar and Mick Tuite

Modelling Prion Dynamics in budding yeast cells

Crina Grosan

MultiMot - an online motif finder in multirelational graphs

Rob Johnson, Paul Kirk and Michael Stumpf

Nested sampling for model selection in systems biology

Peter Arndt

Neutral evolution of duplicated DNA: An evolutionary stick-breaking process causes scale-invariant behaviour

Daniel Silk, Sarah Filippi and Michael Stumpf

Optimizing Threshold–Schedules for Approximate Bayesian Computation Sequential Monte Carlo Samplers: Applications to Molecular Systems

J Krishnan

Spatial aspects of molecular information processing

Tomasz Jetka, Michał Komorowski and Michael Stumpf

Statistical analysis of stochastic biochemical signaling

Oleg Lenive

Two-node gene regulatory motifs, AND/OR, extrinsic noise: transmitting one bit of information.

Johannes Helmuth and Ho-Ryun Chung

Ubiquitously active CpG-enriched genes are regulated at the transition from transcription initiation to elongation

Kai Brügge and Antti Honkela

Warped Gaussian process approximations to molecular evolution models

Theodore Papamarkou, Antonietta Mira and Mark Girolami

Zero Variance Differential Geometric MCMC in Dynamic Modelling Under Uncertainty